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California Overtime Law

The following flash video covers the Information Technology Overtime in California. You will need to have the flash player installed to view it.


The above video describes what type of positions are entitled to overtime within the IT field and what type of positions are exempt from overtime requirements.

Important Note: The recently changed computer professional law that exempts computer professionals who make more than $36/hr is not applicable to IT workers. Although I did not discuss this in the video, the Department of Labor did address this issue in their letter. In addition, the California version of the Computer Professional law specifically requires that the work relate to "computer systems analysis, programming, and software engineering." It also specifically excludes anyone who works "in the manufacture, repair, or maintenance of computer hardware and related equipment." Cal. Lab. Code § 515.5. Thus, unlike computer programmers, IT workers are generally entitled to overtime no matter how much money they make.




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