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Tech Job Descriptions - Who Gets Overtime

In order to help sort through what types of tech jobs are entitled to overtime and which ones are not, I have found a couple job descriptions posted on the internet. Because these job descriptions are fairly detailed, they can be evaluated to determine whether they are exempt positions or not. All the job descriptions are copies of the actual job description posted by the company, captured in PDF format. I have put my comments on the job duties directly on the PDF.

I will be adding more job descriptions as I come across them. If you have a particular one that you have questions on, please email me the URL and I will evaluate it.

Please note: NON-EXEMPT = You get Overtime. EXEMPT = No Overtime.

The following positions are non-exempt, based on an analysis of the job description.


Google-Technical Writer

The following are exempt positions, based on an analysis of the job description.


You should also keep in mind that it is the actual job duties that will determine whether or not your position is exempt or not. Job descriptions simply describe everything that you might do in the job and are frequently inaccurate. The purpose of the above analysis is so that you can see the types of duties that are non-exempt. If you spend more than 50% of your time on such duties, then you are entitled to overtime.

You should also note that I generally work on a contingency basis. That is, I only receive payment if I recover money. As such, it would make no sense at all to pursue claims that I did not feel had a good chance of winning. Companies such as Yahoo and Google can be formidable adversaries. I would not take these cases unless the prospects of winning were good and the amount of money substantial.


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