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Got Overtime?

Please note that a case evaluation is for people who are interested in pursuing a claim against their employer either now or after they leave employment with their current employer. I am happy to give you a case evaluation and help you make up your mind in determining whether or not you should pursue your claim.

If you have a question about being paid late, being forced to work overtime, or any other common issue, you should read my FAQ page as it covers many of the frequent problems that come up.

If you are purely looking for information and never intend to pursue a claim, or you just want to rant about your employer, please visit Labor Law Talk. I am not affiliated with Labor Law Talk, but many people discuss labor issues and answer questions on that forum.

Please only fill out a case evalutaion form if you are genuinely interested in finding out what your rights are and what you can do to protect them.

In order to better get the information relevant to the type of work you do, please pick one of the following forms to fill in:

Manager or Supervisor If you manage or supervise anyone or have a job title such as "manager", "supervisor" or other similar title, please fill out this form. If you also work as a truck driver, IT worker, Computer programmer or salesperson, please ALSO fill out that form. Please make sure your name is on both forms so that I can match them up.
Truck Driver

If you are a truck driver of any kind, please fill out this form.

Information Technology If you work as a network engineer, IT worker, help desk technician or similar job, please fill out this form.
Computer Professional If you work as a computer programmer, systems analyst, systems architect, technical lead, or other job in the computer programming field, please fill out this form.
Sales If you work in any type of sales position or a significant portion of your income comes from commissions, please fill out this form.
Everyone Else If your job is not in the above list, please fill out this form. This does not mean that you are less likely to be entitled to overtime, just that I generally do not need industry specific information to evaluate your case.



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